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The UNLV Sports Research and Innovation Initiative is proud to collaborate with Switch and UNLV Athletics to support the upcoming Switch Sports Science Studio.
Researchers and Faculty
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What is the Sports Research and Innovation Initiative?

Sport Research and Innovation (SRII) is centered around years of academic research, product testing and development, and collaboration between faculty, industry executives, organizations, and entrepreneurs. SRII’s expertise focuses on its “Pillars of Excellence,” including: Brain Health, Diversity & Inclusion in Sport, Esports, Military and First Responder Health & Performance, PGA Golf Management, Sport & Health, Sports Betting, Sport Business, Sports Performance, Sport Psychology, and Sport Technology.

Mission: UNLV Sports Research and Innovation Initiative will optimize health and maximize performance through research, education, innovation, and economic development.

Vision: UNLV Sport Research and Innovation Initiative will be a leading sport research and innovation hub. Being a premier sport research hub means being the leader at leveraging institutional and regional sports expertise to drive excellence in sport-related research and innovation.

Pillars of Excellence

The pillars of excellence have been established as initial areas of focus to effectively communicate UNLV’s impact and capabilities within sports research, education, and innovation. These pillars of excellence will be viewed as the most comprehensive sports research and innovation agenda in the world.

“As our community is quickly becoming the sports and entertainment capital of the world, it is imperative that UNLV be a leader in developing new economic and job opportunities across Nevada. Our faculty already has a long history of conducting extensive sports-related research and innovation and we will continue to grow and share that expertise worldwide.”
Dr. Keith Whitfield
UNLV President

Ways To Engage

The Sports Research and Innovation Initiative operates using a collaborative approach, meaning that there is a constant link between research, students, industry partners, and the contributions of generous donors in order to run and optimize the initiative. Each tab below gives different ways for each area to be engaged and involved.


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